Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage:

DMP SA’s Cloud Drive is a Data Management as a Service (DMaaS) solution that uses best of breed technology to provide flexible, secure, and cost-effective storage capacity. Your data will be encrypted and replicated to the DMP Cloud. This solution utilises minimum network bandwidth and cloud capacity thanks to deduplication and compression. In this way, your business data is protected against serious incidents and threats.


Offsite storage of your backup data, safeguards against data loss in the event of hardware failure or data breaches in your own data center, enabling you to recover your data and minimize downtime. A secure copy of your data through the convenience of DMaaS Cloud Drive can also provide a cost-effective alternative to maintaining a traditional disaster recovery site enabling you to retrieve your data for compliance or to recover from a disaster.


Reduce primary on-site storage and backup costs: 

Moving older copies of backup data to DMaaS Cloud Drive reduces the volume of data that you need to backup onsite and saves money on backup licenses and storage. DMaaS Cloud Drive provides you with an immutable copy of your data stored securely in such a way that it can be read but not changed or overwritten for recovery and compliance purposes. Furthermore, you can easily extend DMaaS Cloud Drive with additional solutions, such as Backup, Data Analytics, Disaster Recovery, and a Fully Managed Service to reduce complexity, costs and manage your data effectively.  



  • Off-site management: DMP assumes responsibility for maintaining and protecting the stored data. This frees your staff from tasks associated with storage, such as procurement, installation, administration, and maintenance. As such, your staff can focus on other priorities.
  • Quick implementation: DMaaS Cloud Drive accelerates the process of setting up and adding to your storage capabilities. With cloud storage, you can provision the service and start using it within hours or days, depending on how much capacity is involved.
  • Cost-effective: As mentioned, you pay for the capacity you use. This allows your organization to treat cloud storage costs as an ongoing operating expense instead of a capital expense with the associated upfront investments.
  • Scalability: Growth constraints are one of the most severe limitations of on-premise storage. With cloud storage, you can scale up as much as you need. Capacity is virtually unlimited.


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