Microsoft 365 Backup

Microsoft 365 Backup:
Essential protection for your Microsoft 365 assets

Avoid potential data loss scenarios by efficiently protecting your business-critical data with Data Management as a Service (DMaaS) for Microsoft 365.

Why protect Microsoft 365?

Microsoft is responsible for the global infrastructure to ensure that Microsoft 365 remains up and running, but this does not replace the responsibility to ensure that your business-critical data is protected.

There is no native backup and recovery service provided with Microsoft 365. Should you accidentally delete files, suffer a ransomware or malware attack, there is no guarantee of being able to restore lost data. 

Protect your Microsoft 365 investment with DMaaS Backup for Microsoft 365:

DMaaS (Data Management as a Service) backup for Microsoft 365 extends Microsoft’s standard protection and provides flexible retention options. The data is securely stored in the DMP South Africa Cloud. Our enterprise-grade solution provides industry-leading backup with on-demand recovery for Microsoft 365.

DMaaS for Microsoft 365 is a fully managed service available on a monthly subscription model based on the number of protected Microsoft 365 users and cloud storage consumed.

Everything you need for secure and reliable protection
with DMaaS Backup for Microsoft 365: 

DMaaS Backup Platform: World-Class Technology

  • The DMaaS Backup platform is a pay-per-use platform. You only pay for the number of protected Microsoft 365 users and storage consumed.
  • The platform uses industry-leading backup technology for cloud environments. Whether it’s VMware, Hyper-V, Azure, AWS or Oracle Cloud, you can count on extensive support of Cloud Applications.
  • The DMaaS Backup platform is locally hosted, your data remains secure in South Africa.


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