Metallic Backup as a Service Offerings

Metallic Backup as a Service Offerings:

Simple, smart, secure data protection you can trust

Businesses large and small have adopted SaaS applications to stay productive in today’s remote working era, however, safeguarding your data is always your responsibility. In fact, Microsoft and Salesforce recommend a third party backup solution.

Safeguard your company’s data with enterprise grade protection and unlimited Azure storage with DMP SA’s Metallic Backup as a Service for your SaaS data. Metallic provides enterprise grade data protection with advanced security and encryption delivering air-gapped,  immutable and separate data backups, to keep your SaaS data secure  24x7x365

  • Enterprise grade data protection with unlimited Azure storage
  • Fast automated, silent data backups with flexible granular restore
  • Secure and compliant with layered security for ransomware protection
  • Scalable data and device protection, from 1 to 1,000+ terabytes of data
  • No upfront investment, no management overheads, no hardware
  • Unlimited storage for your SaaS data, with no Ingress or Egress costs
  • Managed by data management experts with 24×7 in-country support


Metallic Endpoint Backup

Protect your laptop and desktop data against deletion, corruption, and ransomware attack with multi-layered security, geo-location and remote wipe functions.

Metallic Microsoft 365 Backup

Protect your critical business data in Mailboxes, OneDrive, SharePoint, Project, and Teams with immutable,   separate backups, to protect against ransomware.

Metallic Dynamics 365 Backup

Protect your customer engagement data with complete coverage,  multi-layered security and flexible recovery with extended retention for production and sandbox environments.

Metallic Salesforce Backup

Protect your valuable IP, Sales, Service and Financial Cloud data with enterprise grade backup and granular recovery across production and sandbox environments.


What about your Azure Active Directory backup plan?

Without dedicated third-party backup, your authentication data could be at risk, leaving employees and critical applications without access.

Consider it covered!

Get Active Directory data protection FREE with every paid Metallic Backup subscription to secure and easily restore Microsoft AD and Azure AD data in the face of accidental deletion, or malicious attacks.



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