Backup as a Service

Backup as a Service:

As the value of data increases, backup and recovery is more critical than ever before. Traditionally, IT departments have invested in point-solutions from multiple vendors to solve backup, storage, and long-term data retention needs. With the exponential growth of data, managing data on-premises or in the cloud with legacy solutions is becoming more challenging and time-consuming.

With the advance in cloud and hybrid IT environments, backup and restores must be immediately available. Our team of experts provide Backup as a Service (Baas) to simplify your backup and recovery operations, eliminating the high cost of legacy backup solutions.

A comprehensive data protection and recovery service 

We protect your data through a tried and trusted combination of next-generation technology and data management expertise.  BaaS provides powerful backup, consistent recovery to ensure data availability and business continuity across your entire environment, on-premises, in the cloud, across multiple clouds, or in hybrid environments. Fully flexible models for OPEX and CAPEX for software, hardware and managed services to suit your business requirements.

Our Fully Managed BaaS option provides a team of highly skilled data management experts, to manage your backup environment with defined SLA’s and 24x7x365 support.

The benefits of world-class BaaS

As data increases, doing things the same way equals more staff, more hardware, and higher costs. With BaaS, you have peace of mind knowing your data is protected and recoverable in the event of any unforeseen threats or accidental mishaps.

  • Eliminate complexity:  You won’t have to maintain the cost associated with traditional multiple point solutions.
  • Save time and staff resources: You have to be agile to meet today’s fast-moving technology initiatives. BaaS allows you to free up valuable staff resources.
  • World-class service with local-based support: Our team of highly skilled engineers use industry best practice to keep your data safe and deliver exceptional support 24x7x365.



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