Traditional Backup

Traditional Backup:

Legacy backup solutions can leave your environment exposed to vulnerabilities, whether it is lack of automation, slow response times, or the inability to scale cost-effectively.

For  businesses seeking  less complexity and greater flexibility , the DMP Backup appliance provides a modern integrated solution to protect your data, reduce complexity and mitigate risk. 

By combining industry-leading technologies, the DMP Backup appliance provides a fully integrated backup solution to protect your data with optimized scalability and performance.

 Benefits and capabilities of  DMP  SA’s  Backup Appliance 

  • Simplicity: the appliance solution is pre-configured by our highly-skilled engineers to meet your specific business requirements and can be operational within a few hours.
  • Flexible: integrates into existing environments, whether in the Cloud, on-premises, virtual or physical environments.
  • Efficiency: A modern web-based interface allows you to backup, restore, move, and manage your data with reliable Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) to meet your SLA’s.
  • Secure: includes the latest encryption and security-enhanced features to protect your data effectively.
  • Centralised management:  The solution provides automation, advanced reporting, and self-service capabilities.
  • Compliance: provides a simple, monitorable and auditable process.
  • World-class support: we provide you with a single point of contact and 24×7365 local-based support.
  • Go beyond backup: we provide add-on options, such as offsite backup for a secondary copy of your data stored securely in the DMP SA Cloud.

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