Lighten the burden

Lighten the burden

During these challenging times, companies are faced with reduced budgets and having to do more with less. A common misconception is that data management is simply ensuring your data is stored and backed up. Given the importance of data today, along with compliance requirements, effective data management is a priority for businesses.  Data Management is critical and can prove to be costly and challenging to achieve, which is why you should consider Data Management as-a-Service through a data specialist provider.

The Data Management as-a-Service (DMaaS) model is the transition from a one-time capital expense to a recurring, predictable monthly consumption-based pricing model with no hidden costs. With specialist data management services, you can be compliant, simplify your operations, mitigate risk, and eliminate the cost of owning legacy solutions.

Reasons to consider Data Management-as-a-Service (DMaaS)

  1. Free up your resources and your valuable time with data management experts to protect and manage your data for you, while you remain in complete control of your data.
  2. Benefit from industry-leading data management technologies and global best practices, without the pain and hidden costs of having to manage it yourself.
  3. No more annual maintenance renewals required for several legacy products. No vendor lock-in.  You won’t have to maintain product updates, upgrades, and infrastructure along with the costs to do so anymore.
  4. As workforces shift to SaaS applications, have the peace of mind knowing that all your data is protected, secure, and recoverable quickly, no matter the type of data or where the data resides.

With the enormous growth of data as well as the rise of data security threats, DMaaS addresses all the challenges of managing your data effectively, making enterprise-grade solutions more cost-effective and available to any businesses. From backup and recovery to hybrid cloud environments, storage, and protection to a complete managed service.

A ‘do-it-yourself’ approach might seem attractive when budgets are tight, but given the complexities of today’s data landscape, it typically turns into a costly and complex exercise. With DMaaS, businesses can leverage the complete array of data management services and solutions, delivered by an expert provider in a completely scalable manner for a predictable and cost-effective monthly expense.

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