Do you have an endpoint backup strategy for today’s crazy world?

Do you have an endpoint backup strategy for today’s crazy world?

The rapid adoption of cloud platforms like Microsoft365 has contributed to limited visibility and control over corporate data. With more workers depending on mobile devices, the growing volumes of company data stored on endpoint devices, be it desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or any other device containing vital company information, must be protected.

Businesses are at an increased risk of data breaches, non-compliance and data loss, highlighting the importance of implementing a comprehensive endpoint backup strategy to effectively protect and govern data across multiple operating systems, networks, and devices.

As a specialist data management partner, we provide leading solutions that simplify the complexity of protecting, managing, and storing data no matter where the data resides.

  • Our fully managed and monitored solution for endpoint data, provides all-round data protection, securing data both while in transit and at rest, ensuring the privacy and integrity of your data travelling between the enterprise and the cloud.
  • We provide detailed reporting, monitoring and audit logs to help you meet compliance requirements and ensure data confidentiality.

Leverage enterprise-class technology and data management expertise as a Service for 24x7x365 protection

We help organisations gain confidence and peace of mind, knowing that critical and sensitive data on endpoint devices is secure and restorable. Should an unforeseen event occur, resulting in data loss,  data recovery is fast and easy through a self-service portal.

We provide a fully managed service using best of breed technology for end-to-end protection, secure filesharing, global device tracking and remote wiping capabilities with 24x7x365 in-country support.

Furthermore, you have the flexibility to store your data with a cloud storage provider of your choice or opt for cost-optimised cloud-storage in our locally based private cloud, where we provide  the added benefits of  no currency fluctuation or data egress costs. We also offer affordable data retention packages to meet  compliance and disaster recovery requirements.

Our data management technical team would be happy to help you design and implement a data strategy for your endpoint devices.  

Provide us with your contact details to find out more about how we can help you reduce risk from a holistic data management perspective to meet increasing demands for data protection, data governance, and data privacy. 

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