About us second draft

About us second draft

Data Management Professionals South Africa (DMP SA) offers end-to-end data management solutions and services, creating value for our customers and partners. At DMP SA we are passionate about our customers and technology, we strive to become trusted advisors for storage and backup to our customers and building long-lasting relationships.  We combine years of data management experience with industry-leading technologies and best of breed products to help our customers reduce the complexities and costs of managing data.

Our data management solutions and services are cost-effective and scalable, offering you the flexibility to choose how your data is protected, whether it be on-premise, hybrid, or in the cloud, with no vendor lock-in and 24 X 7 local-based support. In a world where data has become the lifeblood of any organisation, effective data management is critical to business continuity. Partnering with a focused data management provider will ensure that you can leverage expert knowledge and skills for the effective management of your data.

Our solutions are moving away from the traditional Capex models to Data Management as a Service (DMaaS) which provides flexible hybrid models for both Capex and Opex options. Our cloud-based solutions provide pay-per-use models with no data Ingress or Egress costs.


Established 12 years ago, the Netherlands-headquartered firm specialises in secure data management products and services such as storage, backup and archiving solutions to cross-sector organisations.  DMP has branches in South Africa, Germany, Denmark, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Iniel Dreyer a veteran in the data management industry heads up DMP South Africa, as the local MD. Previously Iniel was a Microsoft consultant and MD of data management consulting firm Gabsten Technologies,

DMP has established a local data centre in South Africa with international datacentres available in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and the USA.

CloudProtect is one of the products in the DMP SA stable. CloudProtect was designed and built locally and is based on a world-leading data management product, CloudProtect was released into the South African market in 2015. It is a cloud-based data management solution which allows you to Backup, Archive and Recover your data, either through direct use of the Client Platform or as a Managed Service. CloudProtect currently hosts some of South Africa’s largest enterprise and SME companies.

Our 55% Black female ownership and our proudly Level 2 BBBEE contributor reflects our commitment to empowerment.

What we do

As a specialist data management partner with experience from a broad range of industries, we are equipped to apply an approach that works best for your specific business. This means you can control your data better and optimise your storage infrastructure. Our Data Analytics service enables you to comply with relevant legislation and ensures that you leverage the maximum value from your data assets.


When data is stored, it needs to be protected. Based on industry-leading technologies, we offer various solutions for effective backup and archiving of your environment. The backup, archive, analytics and search capabilities can be used in physical, virtual or (hybrid) cloud environments. We can customize our solutions and services to suit your needs with options such as onsite backup, hybrid models and full data protection in the cloud.

In addition to your local backup, DMP SA can provide the option for an off-site copy of your data with DMaaS Cloud Drive. Your backup data will be encrypted and replicated to the DMP cloud. This solution utilises minimum network bandwidth and cloud capacity thanks to deduplication and compression. In this way, your business data is protected against serious incidents and threats. You can also choose to set up a full Disaster Recovery site in the cloud via DMaaS DR.


Many organizations are scrambling to gain a competitive advantage in today’s digital economy, but failure to effectively manage their data can end up costing them dearly in lost productivity and missed opportunities. Keeping up with the todays IT trends is becoming tougher. Data continues to grow, we are faced with challenges such as cyberattacks and compliancy. On top of this the race to move data into the cloud is a top priority for many organisations. With these challenges your data still has to be protected and at the same time must remain accessible. Do you have full confidence in your IT environment? Are issues such as backup and disaster recovery tested on a regular basis? Do you have enough time and skills within your organisation to meet today’s data demands?

With DMaaS Managed Services let DMP’s specialists take over your data management. Enabling you to free up skills and resources to attend to other critical tasks. Our DMaaS managed service is fully customisable to meet your requirements specific to your site and environment. We take over the daily administration from you but provide a full oversight of what our specialists are doing. We provide full reporting and highlight any issues that are encountered. SLA’s are established and we conduct regular reviews with you to ensure that the service meets the expectations that we have agreed upon. We do however strive to provide 100% transparency with our service.


We deliver and implement storage solutions from leading storage vendors. These storage solutions range from capacity-based backup storage, hybrid disk/flash storage to all-flash arrays and hyper-converged solutions. Based on your requirements and our expertise, we select the storage solution that best fits your business requirements.


Vendor Partnerships

DMP SA provides innovative and industry-leading data storage and protection solutions through our strong relationships with international technology partners. The benefits of our partner relationships filter through to our clients, ensuring that they get the full value of technical expertise and support.










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