Ransomware Protection

Ransomware Protection:

With the rapid adoption of cloud services, organisations need to protect their data. The public cloud is a far too convenient point of entry for cyber-attacks. Cybercrime organisations are in the business of finding mission-critical and sensitive data containing personal information, which they then promptly lockdown, encrypt and then demand payment, for access to be reinstated. Ransomware incidents continue to evolve and increase; therefore, organisations must identify vulnerabilities in their data environment to mitigate risk.  

Legacy backup solutions in a world of sophisticated cyber-attacks

Cyber-attacks target your network, devices outside the network and backup data. If your organisation relies on legacy backup solutions, you may not have the relevant capabilities to detect data breaches and recover data effectively. Based on the intricacies of today’s sophisticated cyber-attacks, your environment is prone to theft of information, loss of productivity and lengthy system downtime with days or weeks spent in recovery mode. Data breaches are costly! With POPIA’s full enforcement soon coming into effect, the implicit impact on company reputation is high, coupled with the regulatory responsibility of notifying the Information Regulator, as well as parties whose personal information was breached.  

Remote employees are vulnerable to ransomware attacks.

Employees working remotely, use personal devices, notebooks, and desktops outside of the company’s network, to access cloud services such as Microsoft 365. Educating employees on policies and best practice when dealing with company data is crucial. Still, there is a rapid increase in cyber-attacks targeting vulnerable endpoint devices. Corporate data downloaded from the cloud to an unmanaged personal device is an easy target. Without adequate protection of company data on endpoint devices, you are opening yourself up to data leaks and data loss.   

No industry is immune to cyber-attacks. Having a solid strategy in place to mitigate the risk of data loss and countering the impact of a successful attack is essential.  

A multi-layered approach to protect your data and ensure business continuity with Data Management- as-a-Service (DMaaS)

We provide next-generation technology and data management expertise to protect, store and manage data effectively. Our DMaaS solutions use enterprise-grade technology with built-in security features and proactive detection to monitor and protect your data environment, including endpoint devices and personal cloud shares. In the event of an attack, our specialists can rapidly restore your data at scale, to the required point in time. We store an immutable copy of your backup data in the DMP SA Cloud that cannot be altered or accessed and provide 24x7x365  local-based support.


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