Financial Pressures – Capex VS Opex

Financial Pressures – Capex VS Opex:

From lockdowns and work from home (WFH) challenges to the ever-growing threat of ransomware and cyber-attacks, the pandemic has thrown some curveballs, particularly with IT operations, revealing the importance of resilience, agility, and scalability. 

Whether you want to protect your enterprise-level environment or your small business, justifying investments in an unstable economy with the uncertainty of what lies ahead is challenging.   

Data is a real-time currency and carries an element of risk. Organisations cannot afford to lose sensitive data or suffer a lengthy downtime. Given the importance, Data Protection has never been more crucial. Many companies are looking over their IT budgets to reduce expenses, keep innovating and remain competitive.  

Shrinking budgets and lengthy procurement process can block access to solutions you need to protect and manage your data environment with efficiency, reduce the cost associated with maintaining large volumes of data and ultimately reduce business risk.  

Capex VS Opex? You decide what is right for your business!   

Every business is unique, with different priorities and needs. Still, it is critical for your IT budget strategy to prioritise protecting your data environment and mitigate risk. What works for each company differs regarding the preferred procurement method for the required solution or service. The deciding factor comes down to what is financially feasible and the business impact for not having the relevant solutions required for today’s 24×7 “on-demand” world.  We provide flexible financial options to suit your requirements.   

Reduce costs and realise faster time-to-value with Data Management-as-a-Service (DMaaS) 

Cloud computing has set us on the path to “as-a-service” computing. Companies benefit by reducing costs, increasing business value, and addressing business needs faster by shifting from Capex to Opex to leverage flexible as-a-service models. Companies that can automate routine tasks and use outsourced services can free up valuable time and reroute resources to other business initiatives. The benefits of on-demand over traditional on-premises are relevant.  

We provide end-to-end Data Management as a Service (DMaaS) solutions to ensure your data is protected, monitored, compliant and secure, across your entire data landscape, whether public or private cloud, multiple clouds, on-premises, or edge locations.   

 DMaaS benefits include 

  • World-class technology: Gain instant access to the value of industry-leading data management technology without reoccurring costs associated with maintenance renewalsupdates, upgrades, and training  
  • In Country Support: established team of highly qualified engineers and technical experts for implementation, monitoring and ensuring your data is always safe recoverable and accessible to you.  
  • Technical Help desk: 24/7/365 local-based support.
  • Lower TCO: Affordable consumption-based modelyou pay monthly for what you use, save valuable time and human resources.   
  • Scalability and Control: scale up and down based on the level of business demand. 
  • Reliability: your service is always available, our model includes defined Service Level Agreements (SLAs).  
  • Compliance: data compliance with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI).

Whether investing in infrastructure and licenses for traditional on-premises solutions or increasing agility with fast access to Data Management asa-Service solutions to meet your needs, we provide the flexibility of choice. 

As a data management specialist partner, we work diligently and dedicate 100% of our time solely focused on data management.  We are committed to excellent service and build enduring relationships with our customers.  

We welcome the opportunity to share how our unique approach and services can help you overcome challenges and mitigate complex business risk with affordable enterprise-class data management solutions. 

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