Disaster Recovery Challenges

Disaster Recovery Challenges:

In today’s on-demand world, organisations are continually seeking ways to ensure 100% uptime, reduce Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and meet Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) under increasing pressure to maintain ever-more stringent SLAs.

Given that many unforeseen events can occur to jeopardise mission-critical data, a disaster recovery strategy should be a significant priority. With cybercrime on the rise, service provider outages, employee errors, software and hardware failures and natural disasters, it is crucial to develop a mitigation strategy and protect your business from the consequences of data loss and lengthy downtime. The time it takes for mission-critical data to be restored after an event is crucial.

Mitigating downtime is the difference between your organisation being down for minutes and your organisation being down for days.

Be prepared with a fast, proactive response to whatever problems arise.  

The best way to protect your data and minimise downtime is to invest in a trusted backup and disaster recovery solution. The best way to ensure your company is safe from data loss in the event of any disaster requires having an immutable copy of your data at a secure offsite location you can access 24x7x365.

Traditional Disaster Recovery or DRaaS? 

Calculate the total cost of current backup appliances and maintenance costs you have, the costs associated with maintaining an offsite Disaster Recovery location, the cost of data transfer and workload migrations. Consider the flexibility you need to meet changes as you onboard more tools and applications, the increased infrastructure requirements, and training your staff. Relying on manual intervention, when IT staff may struggle or be unable to get to the office during a disaster can cause delays or failures in recovery efforts.

Outdated infrastructure? Changing business requirements?  Implementation costs and bandwidth constraints?  Rapidly evolving technology? Lack of technical skills and budget constraints? Limited time?

Overcome these challenges by taking your Disaster Recovery strategy to the cloud with flexible OPEX models provided by an expert data management partner.

With DMP SA’s DRaaS, we replicate your critical systems and data and only spin up the resources when you need them. It’s faster, more flexible and cost-effective.

 Mitigate risk, reduce downtime and data loss.

  • Full-time business resilience
  • improved Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) / Recovery Time Objective (RTO)
  • Streamline your DR Testing to align with your business requirements.
  • Meet regulatory requirements for compliance purposes.
  • Converge your Backup and Disaster Recovery strategy with a simple, cost-effective pay-per-use model.
  • Reduce the working hours spent on daily maintenance and operations.
  • Dedicated resources and excellent technical support, 24x7x365



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