Cloud Adoption

Cloud Adoption:

Public, private, multi, hybrid cloud environments help your business become more agile. Still, cloud adoption can be a complicated, risky process that requires a strong strategy with careful consideration to cloud security, cost management and protecting your data in the cloud.
The rapid adoption of cloud services without proper due diligence can create data vulnerabilities leaving an organisation exposed to risk with unprotected and unmonitored cloud services. Valuable corporate data and sensitive information may reside in new cloud applications that are unprotected or unknown.

It is essential to have a solid data management strategy to minimise risk and avoid the costly pitfalls of data loss and downtime. The ability to protect, move and manage data securely across diverse clouds and on-premises environments are critical.

Cloud Adoption is a significant technology shift and requires careful consideration to reduce risk:

  • Determine what data and applications to move to the cloud by prioritising non-essential data before migrating your mission-critical data.
  • Minimise your data footprint and move less frequently accessed data to cheaper storage and reduce large volumes of data before migrating to the cloud.
  • Data scattered across silo’s, clouds and on-premises storage can be hard to identify, protect, recover rapidly, and costly to manage.
  • It is vital to have full visibility and maintain control of your entire data landscape. You need to know what data types and volumes of data you have. As data volumes rise, usage and costs increase.
  • Lack of data visibility in the cloud increases vulnerabilities and risk of unauthorised access, replication of data, and removal of confidential information and data loss.
  • You need to ensure compliance with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) and plan for continuous compliance and IT governance.
  • Vendor lock-in can become an issue when you want to move your data assets and operations from one cloud provider to another.

It is well worth leveraging the right data management partner as early as possible, with the credibility and expertise to help you protect all data types and ensure rapid recovery across physical, virtual and cloud environments throughout your digital transformation journey.

Your Cloud Adoption initiative is an opportunity to transform Data Management. 

DMP SA can help you store, protect, and manage your data across all major cloud provider platforms such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud PlatformAdopting a hybrid or multi-cloud strategy and moving legacy applications to the cloud provides the benefit of significant cost savings by consolidating backup and disaster recovery services for cost-efficient long-term secure storage in  DMP SA’s Cloud.  

Leverage our expertise in data management and cloud architecture to help you transform your data management capability and mitigate risk.   

Our Data-Management-as-a-Service solutions provide world-class technology and expertise to solve your cloud adoption challenges, save valuable time, manage costs, and bridge the gaps to ensure successful outcomes.  

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